1766 ‘Census’ of the United Parishes of Ardee, Shanlish, Smarmore, Stickillen and Kildemock.

The original document was called ‘A List of the families both Protestant and Papists in the Parish of Ardee and the United Parishes thereunto belonging 20 March 1766’. Like so many other documents, these manuscripts were lost in the Four Courts when it was occupied by Republicans and subsequently attacked by the Free State Army in 1922. The bombardment that followed caused a fire which consumed many of the documents within. Fortunately for us, this list was copied by Father Larry Murray before 1922 and he subsequently published it in the Journal of the County Louth Archaeological and History Society volume 10, 1941 pages 72-76, entitled A List of the Families around Ardee in 1766.

The original list was compiled in 1766 by the Vicar of Ardee, William Lill, most likely from the Parochial Tythes Book. Tythes were another form of taxation and constituted a levy raised by the Church upon the population to fund its institutions. They were first instituted in the early middle ages, and originally called for the local parish to receive one tenth of the agricultural produce of each parishioner, or a similar proportion of the production ‘output’ for artisans, essentially acting as a tax on income. Tithes were initially paid in kind, leading to the construction of substantial tithe barns for the storing of goods received, but, by the seventeenth century, tithes had become a financial burden with sums of money paid according to the rent value of an individual’s property (a situation that continued until 1836). All householders were liable to pay tithes unless the property they owned or occupied was specifically exempted due to some long-standing custom or association with the parish.

Overall there were a total of 564 Catholic and 97 Protestant Households in the 5 Parishes and, in addition, in the Parish of Ardee, the Vicar noted, in his manuscript, that there was one priest called Phillip Levins and one Friar called John Clinton living in Ardee.

According to the list there were 385 Catholic and 90 Protestant households in the Parish of Ardee; 30 Catholic and 1 Protestant household in the Parish of Stickillen; 33 Catholic and 1 Protestant household in the Parish of Smarmore; 28 Catholic and 3 Protestant households in the Parish of Shanlish and 88 Catholic and 2 Protestant households in the Parish of Kildemock.

The Parish of Ardee (C =Catholic; P =Protestant)

Henry Addy P John Floody C Nicholas McCowen C
Patrick Allen C Peter Ford P John McCue P
Michael Andrew C Alexander Fox C Patrick McDevitt C
Charles Aston P John Fox C John McDonnell C
Martin Babe C James French P Robert McDonnell C
Robert Ball P James French P Bartholomew McGauley C
John Banks P Joseph French P Patrick McGauley C
John Barrett C Widow Fruin C James McGee C
John Barron P James Galahan C Arthur McGrane C
Daniel Bartly C Carth Gargan C Peter McGrane C
Mary Beck P Edward Gargan C James McGrange C
William Beck P James Gargan C John McGuinness C
George Bellew C Loug Gargan C Patrick McGuinness C
Laurence Bellew C Patrick Gargan C Thomas McGuinness C
Widow Bellew C Widow Gargan C William McGuinness C
Brian Bird C George Garland C James McLane P
John Bird C Patrick Garland C Matthew McLoughlin C
Mary Bird C Arthur Gasin C Matthew McLoughlin C
Rose Bird C Owen Gay C Patrick McLoughlin C
Widow Boyd C Terry Goney C Patrick McMahon C
James Boyle C Patrick Gorman C Michael McNulty C
Richard Boyle C John Gough C Owen McTee C
Thomas Brackey C Patrick Gough C Hugh McTyart C
Richard Bragg C Patrick Gough C John Mead C
Patrick Branigan C Grace Graham C Michael Melogue C
Richard Branigan C Patrick Graham C Mil Melogue C
Thomas Branigan C Stuart Graham P Rose Melogue C
Denis Brannagh C James Gray P Bartholomew Merriman C
Charles Bride C Joseph Gray P John Merriman C
Widow Bride C Catherine Greene C Thomas Meunin C
Widow Bride C Edward Gunnell P Oliver Milling P
Michael Brooks P Joseph Gunnell P Catherine Mohan C
Thomas Brown C Daniel Hagan C James Molloy C
Francis Buckley C Patrick Hagan C Laurence Monahan C
James Byrne C Bazil Hale P George Moonan C
James Byrne C Widow Hale P John Moonan C
Michael Byrne C William Hale P Patrick Moonan C
Simon Byrne C James Halfpenny C Thomas Moonan C
Widow Byrne C Michael Halfpenny C Patrick Mooney C
William Byrne C Richard Halfpenny C Margaret Moran C
Owen Caffery C John Hamilton P Sam Moran C
Brian Callan C James Hamlan C Patrick Morgan C
John Callan C Cormick Hammil C Oliver Mouler P
Michael Callan C Francis Hammil C Robert Munkittrick P
Owen Callan C James Hand C Robert Munkittrick P
Patrick Callan C John Hand C Francis Murphy C
Patrick Callan C Joseph Hand C James Murphy C
Patrick Callan C Owen Hand C John Murphy C
Thomas Callan C William Hand C Margaret Murphy C
Widow Callan P Patrick Hanlon C Patrick Murphy C
Peggy Camell C Thomas Hanlon C Patrick Murphy C
Denis Cannen C Thomas Harley C Richard Murphy P
Francis Canny C Henry Hart C James Murry C
George Cappoge C Ann Hatch P Thomas Murry C
Judy Cappoge C Edward Hatch P Widow Murtouch C
Michael Cappoge C Jeremiah Hatch P Hugh Nulty C
Thomas Carbury C Joanna Hatch P Matthew Nulty C
Roger Carlin C John Hatch P Thomas Nulty C
William Carraven C Thomas Hatch P Thomas Nulty C
James Carrie C Widow Hatch P James Ogle P
Terry Carrie C David Hay C Cornelius O’Neill C
Bri Carroll C Widow Hazell P Henry Ormsby P
Richard Carroll C Peter Hearn C George Osborne C
Thomas Carroll C Owen Hendrich C John Osborne C
Thomas Carroll C Don Hinley C Patrick Osborne C
John Cassidy C Robert Hinson P Richard Osborne C
William Chambers C William Hinson P James Patrick C
George Charters P Ann Hoey C John Patrick C
Michael Christy C Brian Hoey C Widow Patrick C
James Ciggan C James Hoey C John Pepper P
John Clarke C James Hoey C William Pepper P
Patrick Clarke C Owen Hoey C William Pepper P
Thomas Clarke C Owen Hoey C William Porter P
Mary Clinton C Patrick Hoey C David Potter P
Nicholas Colthurst P Peggy Hoey C Oliver Potter P
Thomas Commons C Peter Hoey C Neil Puddy C
Michael Connell C Widow Hoey C Widow Quinn C
Brian Connen C Widow Hoey C Widow Quinn C
Laurence Connolly C Laurence Hogan C Ann Rafferty C
Peter Connolly C Pierce Jennet C Brian Reilly C
Peter Connolly C William Jones C Charles Reilly C
George Connor C William Kearney C Cornelius Reilly C
Catherine Cooney C Patrick Keating C James Reilly C
Henry Cooper C Richard Keating C Mary Reilly C
Denis Cormack C Hugh Keeling C Widow Reilly C
Widow Cormack C Ann Kelly C Robert Richards C
James Corran P Arthur Kelly C Thomas Richards C
Laurence Corran C Daniel Kelly C Doll Richardson P
Thomas Corran C James Kelly C George Richardson P
William Corrigan C James Kelly C John Rispin C
Owen Courtney C John Kelly C Mary Roark C
Widow Cox P John Kelly C Bridget Roche C
Joseph Coyne C Patrick Kelly C James Rocke C
Francis Craven C Catherine Kenny C John Rogan C
James Crinnion C John Ketting C James Rogers C
James Crinnion C John Killing C Judith Rogers C
John Crinnion P John King P Owen Rogers C
Matthew Crinnion C Patrick Lamb C Thomas Rogers P
Richard Crinnion P Peter Lane C Thomas Rogers C
Thomas Crinny C Brian Laughlin C Widow Rogers C
Owen Cuckew C Michael Leary C William Rogers P
John Cuggart C Alexander Lee P John Russell C
Thomas Culla C Widow Lee P Gibbons Ruxton P
James Cunning C Widow Levins C John Ruxton P
John Cunning C Widow Linnard C Patrick Sharkey C
Edward Dannin C William Little P John Shaw C
Laurence Dannin C Alexander Loo C Widow Shekelton P
Richard Dawson P James Loughlin C Owen Short C
John Devlin C Michael Loughran C Patrick Small C
Edward Dillon C Cornelius Maguire C John Smart P
Bartholomew Dolan C Edward Maguire C Margaret Smart P
John Dolan C John Maguire C Charles Smith C
Widow Dolan C Widow Maguire C James Smith P
Alexander Donnell C William Maguire C John Smith C
John Donnell C John Mahon P David Speediman P
Michael Donnelly C John Mahon C John Speer P
Ann Doolan C Gil Malone C Robert Speer P
Michael Doolan C Patrick Malone C Thomas Speer P
Thomas Doolan C Thomas Malone C Thomas Starsfield C
William Douglas P Widow Mannan P Francis Stewart C
Patrick Downey C Matthew Mannin C John Stockman C
Patrick Downey C Peter Markey C Sam Stone C
James Duffy C Leslie Marron P John Stray C
Patrick Duffy C Michael Marron C John Summers P
Patrick Duffy C James Martin C James Taaffe C
John Duggan C Mary Martin C Robert Taaffe C
Widow Dugnan C Patrick Martin C William Taaffe C
Brian Dulan C Thomas Martin C Matthew Tenanty C
Ann Dullaghan C Widow Martin C Archibald Thompson P
Richard Dungan C Widow Martin C Patrick Thornton C
Elizabeth Dunne P Arthur Mathews C William Thornton C
Richard Dunne P Brian Mathews C James Tierney C
Val Dunne P Catherine Mathews C Peggy Tierney C
Ann Durnin C John Mathews C Brian Trainor C
James Durnin C Margaret Mathews C Brian Trainor C
John Durnin C Peter Mathews C Patrick Trainor C
Matthew Durnin C Ross Mathews C Pierce Travers C
Widow Durnin C Widow Mathews C Patrick Treney C
Edward Eagan P John McAlistron C George Tuite C
Clement Eakins P Edward McAllister C John Wall C
Catherine Fagan C Matthew McCabe C Patrick Wall C
Patrick Fagan C Widow McCabe C Edward Walsh P
Patrick Farrell C Edward McCally C Francis Walsh P
Denis Farrelly C Peggy McCally C Judith Walsh C
Catherine Fay C Ann McCann C Nicholas Walsh C
Laurence Fay C Patrick McCann C Darby Ward C
Patrick Fay C Edward McCanna C Elizabeth Ward C
Phillip Fay C Widow McCanna C Mary Ward C
Alexander Filgate C Matthew McCarny C Owen Ward C
Stuart Filgate P Brian McCartney C Patrick Ward C
Thomas Filgate P Robert McCartney C Robert Ward P
Patrick Fitzpatrick C Mary McCaul C Laurence Watch C
Peter Fitzsimons P Patrick McCaul C John Waters C
John Flanagan C Phelim McCaul C John Watson P
Richard Flanagan C Matthew McCevan C John Winters C
Christopher Fleming C Widow McCevar C Ann Wire C
George Fleming C Brian McCoon C Hugh Wire C
Henry Floody C Hugh McCormack C Phillip Woods C
            Catherine Wright C

The Parish of Kildemock (C =Catholic; P =Protestant)

Edward Andrew C James Magin C
Richard Bale P Thomas Maguire C
Arthur Branigan C Widow Maguire C
John Branigan C Owen Mahon C
Patrick Butler C Nathaniel Manning P
Hugh Byrne C Luke Matthews C
John Byrne C Patrick Matthews C
Patrick Byrne C Patrick Matthews C
James Call C Phillip Matthews C
Michael Camell C Patrick McCabe C
Jane Carmel C Patrick McCartin C
William Corbery C James McCoan C
James Cormack C Patrick McDonnell C
John Crust C Arthur McGuinness C
James Cunningham C Patrick McGuinness C
James Daly C Henry McStone C
Patrick Daly C John Moonan C
Peter Develing C Nicholas Moonan C
James Devin C Widow Murphy C
Michael Devin C James Murry C
Nicholas Devin C John Murry C
Thomas Devin C John Myles C
James Devlin C John Myles C
James Devlin C Nicholas Norris C
Bartholomew Dowdall C Thomas Patrick C
Charles Dowdall C James Powderly C
Matt Dowdall C Edward Quinn C
Patrick Dowdall C James Quinn C
Peter Dowling C John Rafferty C
James Downey C Thomas Ratty C
John Drule C James Rogan C
Laurence Fegan C John Rogers C
Patrick Finnegan C Henry Ronaghan C
Patrick Fitzpatrick C James Ruddy C
Anthony Fox C Hugh Scully C
James Fox C George Shall C
James Gone C James Smith C
Terence Hagan C Laurence Steele C
Martin Halfpenny C Stephen Steele C
John Hart C Laurence Taaffe C
Michael Hay C Eneas Ternan C
Patrick Jones C Edward Thornton C
Thomas Keenan C Patrick Ward C
Patrick Kennedy C Owen Wire C
James Linnen C Nicholas Woods C

The Parish of Shanlis (C =Catholic; P =Protestant)

Patrick Boyle C Patrick Mahon C
Joseph Breagy C Richard Mahon C
James Brown C Widow McCanna C
Garret Byrne C Nathaniel Milling P
James Castle C Patrick Monahan C
James Connor C James Moonan C
James Connor C Patrick Norris C
Nicholas Dare C Patrick Rider C
Matthew Divin C James Rispin C
William Downey C John Rispin C
Owen Faulkner C John Rogers C
James Frew C Joseph Sheely C
Michael Hoey C John Short C
Matthew Kean C Henry Tone P
Patrick Lesley C James Tone P
      Pierce Wire C

The Parish of Smarmore (C =Catholic; P =Protestant)

James Andrew C Luke Loc C
Daniel Bird C Sam Lynch C
James Callen C John Maenen C
James Cardle C Henry Mannin P
John Clinton C Patrick McDonnell C
Patrick Cormack C John McGurke C
Patrick Cullen C Patrick Moonon C
John Cunnion C James Murry C
John Curmish C James Murry C
Nicholas Dare C Patrick Murry C
Patrick Drew C Patrick Quilch C
John Gibbons C John Rae C
Ann Gough C Patrick Reilly C
Denis Gragan C James Rogan C
Patrick Halfpenny C Silvester Smyth C
James Keele C John Sperres C
Ann Loc C Patrick Wade C

The Parish of Stickillion (C =Catholic; P =Protestant)

Laurence Boile C James Loraghan C
Patrick Boylan C Patrick Matthews C
John Boyle C Patrick McCunahan C
Patrick Brady C Peter McCunahan C
Brian Brennan C Edward McKenna C
Alexander Butler C David McLeasly C
Brian Byrne C Nicholas McLoughlin C
Terence Carahan C Thomas McSteen C
James Cranny C Thomas Meath C
Laurence Divin C Christopher Monagan C
Neal Donnelly C Richard Moonan C
Brian Fegan C Peter Murry C
John Green P James Scolly C
Thomas Keenan C Thomas Steer C
James Loraghan C Thomas Torny C
      Laurence Ward C

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